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Join us on the bike as we sprint, climb and RIDE together. These energetic 45-minute classes are fast-paced, music driven, and seriously sweaty.

We promise you an empowering group experience that you can truly lose yourself in.


If you want a seriously sweaty, high intensity, hardcore workout, then RIDE:CON is for you!


RIDE meets ENGINE and GRAFT, bringing you 15 minutes on the bike, 15 minutes of strength work to improve your cycling performance and 15 minutes of conditioning. The only question is, which order will you do it in?! 


Learn how to throw punches like a pro and build the engine of a boxer in our explosive BOX:CON class. 

Our coaches will take elements of this electric sport to help you get fit - without getting hit!

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A high-energy, cardio focused class that will boost your fitness levels and torch some serious calories. 

These classes are specifically designed to build your ENGINE and overall work capacity, making you fitter, faster and stronger. Expect sweat - and lots of it!


GRAFT is our signature strength class here at FORTIS. Following a monthly progression model, we will have you lifting, carrying, flipping, pushing and pulling to build muscular strength and endurance.

It's during this hour that you will learn the skills of weight training with our experienced coaching team.

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It's Friday, and it's time for the WORKOUT OF THE WEEK (aka the WEEK'S OUT WORKOUT!) Expect a class like no other, incorporating strength moves, bodyweight work, our cardio kit and more.

You won't really know what's in store until you turn up on the day and check out the board. Will you rise to the challenge?!


BUILD is an hour of pure, pumping hypertrophy; AKA muscle building. We wanted to develop a class that wasn’t going to be so demanding on the central nervous system, but would still work your muscles hard.


You’ll be focussing on bodybuilder style movements with free weights and barbells, working in supersets, dropsets and giant sets. If you love to hate that burning feeling that comes with high volume training, then this is the class for you!

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