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FOR-TIS    /ˈfɔːtɪs/    adjective


We believe that with physical strength comes mental strength, and vice versa. Strength isn't only defined by the kilos that you can lift: strength can be defined in many different ways.

For you, it may be the sense of inner resilience you have to take on each day, or the empowering feeling you get when you run further, lift heavier or cycle for longer.

We are here to support your well-being and help you to find your inner strength, leaving you




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I hadn’t always been into exercise. During my late teenage years and early twenties I was at my lowest point in relation to my mind and body. But developing a more active lifestyle and an awareness of my health helped me to manage my stress. And today being active gives me a sense of purpose, as well as clear, attainable goals.


I love inspiring, motivating and encouraging others to realise what they are capable of. Whether that’s measured by strength, speed or simply feeling like they can take on the day. Developing programmes on an individual basis, whether you're a total beginner or like to go 'beast mode' every now and then, is what I love most. I am all about people connecting, so finding strength in working together is my number one. 

Caitlin Drabble

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‘Pushing others Onward towards a life of health, strength and physical freedom.’ 


I set up Onward Training to help people build strength, move better and learn skills they never thought possible. Bringing an extensive background in coaching and, most importantly, a passion for helping people, we will work together to achieve your goals. 

Whilst not an exhaustive list, to date I’ve helped people to reach the highest levels of functional fitness performance, achieve their first (and 10th!) pull up, learn how to lift weights; including Olympic weightlifting, compete in marathons, Hyrox and other endurance events and gain more confidence in the gym. See you in class!

James Smith

Hello! I'm a self-employed PT and group exercise instructor, living and working in Nottingham.


I can often be found in the gym lifting heavy things, on the road marathon training, or at a local coffee shop fuelling myself with a cup of caffeine!


I believe that the mind is often the most powerful tool when it comes to training; and my outlook is all about balance, healthiness, and building confidence in your body through movement.


My classes are full to the brim of Ibiza tunes; both old and new, so come and join me for both a workout challenge and a party! I can’t wait to work with you guys - come and say hi when you see me in the barn!


Jess Cummings

My introduction to fitness came in my early twenties when I began experiencing ongoing aches and pains. I realised I lacked awareness about my own body and the way I was using it. I needed to make a change and this lead to me rolling out my mat and discovering yoga. I fell in love with it, exploring my own practice and eventually having the privilege of guiding my own classes. As my flexibility increased I began strength training with Caitlin to help find balance and have never looked back!

My favourite thing about exercise is strengthening the mind and body connection and seeing the way that the benefits filter into everyday life. My real passion is helping beginners start their own fitness journeys, watching people discover how much they are capable of is truly rewarding. 

Nic Nuttall



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 Using a scientific, evidence based approach to nutrition, we'll 

 demystify and simplify all that you need to know when it 

 comes to fuelling your body. We'll arm you with the tools you 

 need in shaping a healthier lifestyle, which at no point will feel 

 like a 'diet'. Whether your goal is fat loss or muscle gain, 

 we'll support you in tailoring your nutrition accordingly. 

 Offered in depth with one-to-one and small group PT clients. 

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 We believe that it is our jobs to support our clients’ and 

 members' mental well-being as well as their physical. We are 

 all about the 'weekly wins' continually hit along the way to 

 longer term goals, and pride ourselves in celebrating the daily 

 successes of the FORTIS squad. Outside of our busy timetable, 

 we also organise talk nights, wellness events and local walks to 

 bring people together and get people talking. 

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 The days of weight lifting being only for male bodybuilders 

 are long gone. Equally, lifting weights won't make women 

 'bulky' overnight! Discover the powerful benefits of resistance 

 training aesthetically, physiologically and mentally. Build lean 

 muscle tissue and experience the sense of achievement that 

 comes with lifting weights. Our strength equipment is some of 

 the best in the area and the business. 

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 Whether we get you slamming the battle ropes, punching 

 the pads or pushing the prowler, you'll be making leaps of 

 progress in your cardiovascular fitness in no time at all. 

 Whether you choose to join our group classes or work one- 

 to-one with one of our coaches, we promise to make 'cardio' 

 both fun and sustainable - forget tediously pounding a 

 treadmill in a gym for hours at a time! 


“I have spent at least two years complaining about my shape, my weight, my everything inside and out! Then I met Caitlin and the team and in a matter of months - weeks even - that has completely turned on its head.


Caitlin and the team radiate compassion, motivation and joy in all of our achievements.

They go above and beyond, and their knowledge balanced with their emotional support is outstanding. I hope the FORTIS team know how much they changed my direction for the better."

Bobby Sunda


“I think in life you should work on yourself until the day you die.”

Serena Williams

"One day or day one. You decide."


“Don’t be afraid if things seem difficult in the beginning. That’s only the initial impression. The important thing is not to retreat - you have to master yourself.”

Olga Korbut

Thank you! We will be in touch shortly.

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FORTIS can be found in the beautiful village of Saxondale. Our unique barn space is surrounded by rolling fields and grazing horses - it really is an escape from the hustle and bustle around us! Just a short drive, walk or cycle from Bingham, we really couldn't be easier to get to.

As well as leading our daily group classes, our coaches are available for one-to-one and small group PERSONAL TRAINING. Submit the enquiry form above to receive our PT price list and book an initial consultation with one of the team to discuss your programme.


Escape the commercialised gym environment and join us for a fitness experience like no other here at FORTIS.

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